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NATF Business Club

MMG Crisis Management Plan - Full 

We are living in Perilous Times and everyone needs a helping hand now more than ever. What if there was a simple way that anyone at any age could use to retire in a short period of time? By following the simple Steps in the NATF Business Club you now have the Road Map to retire sooner than you could imagine by joining a truly passive cash flow system. 

 The NATF Business Club is here to replace the need for dependence for one's livelihood on the corrupt Fiat Currency Banking System based upon Usury and Fractional Reserve Banking, as well as all Corporate Socialist Government programs, and of course the Corporate Business Plantation. We now have the opportunity to unplug from these Control Systems and plug into a real Program where everyone can experience true freedom and abundance.

Is the NATF Business Club Legal? Yes. It is a non governmental international trust that operates as a non Commercial Private Member Association (PMA). It does not deal with the Public, but only in Private with our own Members. It is not a statutorily created entity or a creature of the state like all corporations are, and thus is not under the jurisdiction or regulation of any government.


It is possible in the future that you may hear from the Talking Heads in the Corporate Government / Media Complex that the NATF Business Club is an illegal Money Laundering Operation or a Tax Evasion Scheme and that people should not join it. But remember, these people aren't there to represent you or your best interests.


They are nothing more than Cardboard Cut-Out Agents in the Matrix who are there to keep the cattle penned in the Corral and to prevent any of them from escaping to a life of freedom and abundance. They only represent the Globalist Banksters Cabal who want to keep you bound on their Slave Plantation.


They want you to keep chasing all those false "benefits", (ie, the "Free"(?) Government Cheese or Government Social Welfare "Crack" Programs), along with it's Slave System of totalitarian control and forced Taxation / Theft. It's time to get off the Socialist Corporate Government "Crack" once for all!


You are already in the cattle chute and are being herded toward the slaughter house. You'll need to be discerning and brave enough to be willing to jump the fence and run for your life, because Socialism always ends in Communism, abject Slavery, Famine, Gulag Concentration Camps, Torture and Murder of Religious and Political Dissidents.


Learn the lessons of history. The hand writing is on the wall. Do you have "eyes to see" and "ears to hear" what I'm telling you? Time is running short. You don't have much time left to prepare for the planned Economic Collapse, Martial Law, the CBDC Digital Currency, the digital Mark of the Beast and the raw, naked, totalitarian Communist World Government that is already being constructed all around us. With that I wish you well and that you join us in a life of freedom and abundance while the door is still open. Blessings to you.


DISCLAIMER. One of the reasons why I joined the NATF Business Club is that I saw a great opportunity to fund what I consider to be genuine Christian Churches and ministries. Paramount to this is the proclamation of the biblical Sovereign Grace Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, of Salvation and Justification by grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone, to the glory of God alone, apart from works. Also included in this is the establishing of unincorporated, non 501(c)3 New Testament (New Covenant Theology) underground Christian House Churches, the furtherance of the real redemptive spiritual Kingdom of God upon the earth in Christ's local Assemblies, and providing aid to persecuted Christians around the world, etc.. However, the NATF Business Club will work for anyone to enable them to fund whatever churches(?), ministries(?) or humanitarian projects(?) they might be involved with, and thus is open to anyone of any religion or no religion at all. 


If you are interested in joining the NATF Business Club, you will need a sponsor, so please make sure and mention my name William Jeffrey when you fill out the application form. Start by clicking on this link:

Click the PDF below for - The Complete CMP Report for a fuller explanation of the entire program.

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