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Strategy 2020 Introduction

CSN - The Path To Your Future

CSN - How It Works.

MMG Capital Investment Trust Packages.

We are living in Perilous Times and everyone needs a helping hand now more than ever. What if there was a simple way that anyone at any age could use to become wealthy enough to leave the Corporate Plantation 9-5 Rat Race in a short period of time? By following the simple Steps in Strategy 2020 you now have the Roadmap to retire sooner than you could imagine. If you haven’t heard of Gifting Programs before, then this has to be the simplest and most effective one ever devised.

It’s called the Community Support Network*, a Private Non-Governmental Program, where people help people achieve their goals. CSN is the first step in the Strategy 2020 Program. It is free to join, and the only thing that is required is a one time out of pocket donation of $25.00, and the ability to refer 3 other people and help them do the same. That’s it! Once you get your first referral you'll receive your $25.00 back, so you'll recoup your initial out of pocket expense very quickly. This dynamic program is completely legal and effective.


This is not a typical Crowd Funding Program, where you must convince people to donate to your project, which must compete against thousands of other projects for funding. No, it is a simple Peer to Peer Donation Program of people helping people.

(1) This program is free to join and is available worldwide in every country.

(2) This is your path to independence.

(3) Payment is Peer to Peer with no Middle Men.

(4) Instant Direct Contributions to you.

(5) CSN does not deduct anything from your Contributions.

(6) You receive 100% of any Contributions.

(7) There are no ongoing monthly Contributions required.

(8) You are free to use your Contributions any way you like. However, you are strongly encouraged to set aside enough of your Contributions to leverage toward completing Phases 2 - 4 of the Strategy 2020 Plan.


For a limited time you can earn a free lifetime Membership in the Lighthouse Law Club (a $1950 value) by joining CSN and referring at least        2 Members and helping them to get their 2 Referrals. By joining the LLC you will learn how to take your Freedom, Privacy and Asset Protection to the next level, and gain full access to all the treasure trove of legal resources.


Phase 4 of Strategy 2020 also includes leveraging the Cash Flow from CSN into MMG Capital Management & Trust Co KB, by purchasing either a Silver Trust ($1000) or a Gold Trust ($5,000+) Package for starters. These will also function as the $4950 Global Entrepreneur Trust lifetime Membership Level in the Lighthouse Law Club. CSN is one of easiest and fastest methods that people can use to pay for their full GE LLC Membership. The full Global Entrepreneur Membership is the elite membership level in the Lighthouse Law Club used by many of the top 1% wealthiest people in the world, where a whole world of freedom, privacy and investment opportunities are only available to members.

If you are interested in joining CSN.World, you will need a sponsor, so please join under my Username Link - Pilgrim at:

Potential Returns. These are only potential returns in the chart below. There are no guarantees of receiving any levels of donations. Your experience will vary depending on the amount of work you put into the program. The donation amounts are purposely kept low so as not to cause too much chaos in the system, although they are more than generous enough for one to retire quite wealthy in a short period of time.


• L1 = 3 x $25 = $75


• L2 = 9 x $50 = $450


• L3 = 27 x $100 = $2700


• L4 = 81 x $250 = $20,250


• L5 = 243 x $500 = $121,500


• L6 = 729 x $750 = $546,750


• L7 = 2187 x $1000 = $2,187,000


• L8 = 6561 x $1500 = $9,841,500


• L9 = 19683 x $2000 = $39,366,000


• L10 = 59049 x $2500 = $147,622,500

Total = $199,708,725

All potentially from a one time $25.00 Donation.




(1) Is CSN just another Scam that steals people's money? No. I have joined some other programs and companies in the past that turned out to be Scams, but this is different. I don't know of anyone in CSN that has been scammed. This does not require a large amount of investment, (only a one time $25.00 out of pocket Donation), and the commitment to refer 3 other people who will do the same. You must be willing to refer others, or else you will not succeed, and will slow the whole program down.


It's possible that someone might complain that they didn't receive their initial Donation back and were "Scammed", but did they take the time to actually work the program and refer 3 other people? All it takes is to refer one other person for someone to break even, so this is actually quite easy to accomplish, but does require effort on your part. There are no free lunches here.

(2) Is CSN another Pyramid Ponzi Scheme? No. This is not a Pyramid Ponzi Scheme where people are brought in at the bottom of the Pyramid to pay people at the top of the Scheme, who inevitably run off with everyone's money. However this does involve Network Marketing, but it is not a traditional Multilevel Marketing Company. In most MLM Companies, when people join up they must pay for a certain product or service in order to meet the legal requirements in their jurisdiction.


In MLM funds are sent to the Company and are then broken down and redistributed through the form of commissions and rewards that are paid out throughout multiple Levels of Distributors, after company expenses are met. As one becomes more successful and recruits others to do the same, he has the opportunity to earn more money in commissions. There are many millionaires who have become rich through this method, and there's nothing morally wrong in itself with leveraging the labour and commitment of others to become wealthy.

If you think about it, most Businesses, Corporate Governments and even modern Corporate 501(c)3 false "churches"(?) are set up on the basis of a pyramid structure. Does that automatically make them illegal Pyramid Schemes? See, Objection (3) below. Even the company where you work is probably set up as a pyramid, with the Boss (ie, the CEO, Owner) being at the top of the pyramid, and lower level employees filling the multiple levels of jobs all the way down to the person who sweeps the floors. There might only be limited opportunity for you to be able to rise up the Corporate Ladder within your company, even if you have the skills and experience to warrant a greater position, along with a higher wage or salary.


So if being involved in a business that is set up as a pyramid automatically makes it a "Pyramid Scheme", then most Businesses, Corporate Governments and even Corporate 501(c)3 "churches(?)" would be classified as "Pyramid Schemes". The whole world practically operates as a Pyramid Scheme according to this unwarranted definition.


However, one could make a good case that the two largest actual "Pyramid Schemes" of all are the ones run by the International Globalist Banksters Cabal at the IMF, WORLD BANK and the FED, etc., as well as their bankrupt Socialist Corporate Governments, (like the USA, INC. CORPORATION), but CSN has nothing to do with that. CSN and Project 2020 are here to replace the need for dependence for one's livelihood on the corrupt Fiat Currency Banking System based upon Usury and Fractional Reserve Banking, as well as all Corporate Socialist Government programs, and of course the Corporate Business Plantation. We now have the opportunity to unplug from these Pyramids and plug into a real Program where everyone can experience true freedom and abundance.

(3) Is CSN Legal? Yes. First of all CSN is not a MLM Company that is subject to the laws of Commerce, nor is it required to offer a particular product or service in order to be considered "Legal". CSN is an unregistered Trust under the WMC* and is not a business at all. It is a non governmental program that operates as a non Commercial Private Member Association (PMA). It does not deal with the Public, but only in Private with Members. It is similar to a "Non-Profit", but yet is not a statutorily created entity. It is not a creature of the state like all corporations are, and thus is not under the jurisdiction or regulation of any government.


There is nothing either illegal or immoral with making a donation or sending money to another person. For example, if you were to send a Birthday Card to your grandchild with $25 or $100 in it would that be illegal? No! Of course not! If you were to send $100 or even a $1000 to a family member or friend to help them pay for bills / groceries would that be illegal? Again. No.


CSN is a Private Donation Program where 100% of donations that people send go directly to help other people, and none of it goes to any organization of any kind, therefore there is nothing illegal or immoral about it. The computerized system of CSN automatically matches people in need with people who wish to donate, but the actual donations take place outside of the program directly between two people in a private Peer to Peer Transaction. That's it! Very simple. Each Donation agreement is an Inviolable Private Common Law Contract that only affects the two parties to that contract, and no one else.

It is possible in the future that you may hear from the Talking Heads in the Corporate Government / Media Complex that CSN is an illegal Ponzi Scheme and that people should not join it. But remember, these people aren't there to represent you or your best interests. They are nothing more than Cardboard Cut-Out Agents in the Matrix who are there to keep the cattle penned in the Corral and to prevent any of them from escaping to a life of freedom and abundance. They only represent the Globalist Banksters Cabal who want to keep you bound on their Slave Plantation.


They want you to keep chasing all those false "benefits", (ie, the "Free"(?) Government Cheese or Government Social Welfare "Crack" Programs), along with it's Slave System of totalitarian control and forced Taxation / Theft. It's time to get off the Socialist Corporate Government "Crack"! You'll need to be discerning and brave enough to be willing to jump the fence and run for your life, because Socialism always ends in Communism, abject Slavery, Famine, Gulag Concentration Camps, Torture and Murder of Religious and Political Dissidents.


Learn the lessons of history. The hand writing is on the wall. Do you have "eyes to see" and "ears to hear" what I'm telling you? Time is running short. You don't have much time left to prepare for the planned Economic Collapse, Martial Law and the raw, naked, totalitarian Communist World Government that is already being implemented all around us. With that I wish you well and that you join us in a life of freedom and abundance while the door is still open. Blessings to you.


*(P.S.) DISCLAIMER. The Community Support Network is founded as a Trust of the World Mission Church. You don’t have to become a member of the WMC (which is a Non - Registered, Tax Exempt Ecclesiastical Society) in order to participate in this Private Program. I am not a member of WMC, because:


I do not believe that it qualifies as a genuine New Testament Church, biblically speaking. I cannot join WMC because I cannot promote or defend such a man made earthly organization as if it were a New Testament Church. It doesn't matter if it is classified as an Unincorporated Organization, or a Trust, or a Foundation, etc., because WMC still does not fall under the classification of a New Testament Church, which is a spiritual, heavenly entity / organism founded by and built upon the Lord Jesus Christ Himself and His Apostles, guided by the Bible - the Word of God, or indwelt by His Holy Spirit. The Lord Jesus Christ is Head of His Church / Assembly alone, not any man or earthly organization.

If someone has set up an organization or institution that is called a "church"(?) that operates as a trust with a board of Trustees, or a company with a board of directors, or is in any way associated with any earthly Government jurisdiction, Codes, statutes or regulations, or is founded on any Trust - Business Structures, you can be sure that you are not dealing with a New Testament Church. If any so called "church"(?) is a legal entity that is separate from the people themselves, and owns any land, property, buildings, or has bank accounts or EIN Numbers, etc., you can be sure that it is not a New Testament Church.


However, with that being said, by contrast WMC is situated as the top position in CSN, so all contributions indirectly benefit the Trust. Your donations to others indirectly helps WMC achieve it’s goals of humanitarian relief projects around the world, so every little bit helps. But please, all I'm asking is don't confuse WMC with a real Church, real Salvation, the real Gospel of Jesus Christ, the real Holy Spirit, or the real Kingdom of God.

However, the reason why I joined CSN.WORLD but not WMC, is that I saw a great opportunity to fund what I consider to be genuine Christian ministry. Even though I have many theological objections to WMC, I believe that I can separate what WMC does from what God has called me to do, because of CSN. The Community Support Network will work for anyone to enable them to fund whatever projects or ministries they might be involved with, and thus is open to anyone of any religion or no religion at all.


There is enough of a separation between CSN and WMC that I believe I can join it without violating my conscience or my sincerely held religious beliefs. I am already a prior member of the Lighthouse Law Club and Monaco Management Group, so it was providential that CSN.WORLD came along to fill a great need at this time. So if any of this resonates with you, I invite you to join with me today.

Please join by clicking on the Link for Pilgrim below and get started with CSN.WORLD and Strategy 2020 today! Blessings to you!

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